Here’s a selection of past third party events:

  • Proceeds donated from a race or class (Jazzercise, yoga, 5K, etc.)
  • Donations from church/synagogue/community organization
  • Ticket sales/donations from performances (vocal cabaret, piano recital, play/musical, etc.)
  • Proceeds from office dress down day/month/year
  • School events (theater performance, Penny Wars, Cash for Cans, etc.)
  • Ticket/raffle sales from happy hour

We are ready to provide you with any any guidance or advice necessary to make your event a success.


Take Action

Please take a look at our Third Party Event guidelines and, when you’re ready, fill out and submit a Third Party Event form. If you have any questions, please call Johanna Lester, Director of Events and Communications, at 585.423.9700, or email

Third Party Guidelines Third Party Form