Breast Cancer Support Group

Our Breast Cancer Support Group is open to those at any stage of any type of gynecological cancer. Meet with other women to share experiences and support. This group meets once a month. For more information, please call the Clubhouse.

Women of Color Networking Group

Our Women of Color Cancer Networking Group is a community-based cancer networking group for African-American women living with cancer or connected to cancer through a family member or friend. Established in 2002, the Women of Color group is open to all African American women with all types of cancer. African American women may also volunteer. Volunteers attend regular meetings and participate in group activities. As a member, you may also bring a female family member or friend with you for additional support. The mission of WOC is to provide support and empower African American cancer survivors and family members; to provide a loving, caring, and comfortable atmosphere to share, to educate on prevention and early detection of cancer, and to support culturally sensitive research geared towards African American women.

Personal Stories

After just one visit to the Clubhouse, I could see happiness in the faces of my children that had been missing. They met other children who had fathers, mothers, siblings, or grandparents with cancer. Even when no words about this disease were spoken, they found comfort in being around peers that were dealing with a story similar to theirs.


Gilda’s Club is a place where I can go to have fun, not have to worry about my problems and meet other members who are experiencing some of the same issues. I can talk to others for support when needed, or focus on whatever project I am working on. The Staff and Volunteers have been caring, patient, and helpful.


What we found at Gilda’s Club Rochester surprised us. Our visits were filled with laughter, encouragement, and guidance.

Lee & Steve